There are 2 brands

  • Gradassi

    The GRADASSI brand represents our niche, premium brand. A single estate extra virgin olive oil extracted in the Gradassi Olive Mill from olives picked on their estate which extends over the hills of Campello sul Clitunno, Spoleto and Trevi. Following the Gradassi’s centuries old family tradition these are extracted in the ancient olive mill which dates back as far as 1639.

  • Terre Francescane

    A Beautiful Oil for Beautiful People

    The C.U.FR.OL, synonymous with high quality, differs from the Gradassi brand since the olives come from several different olive groves. The C.U.FR.OL. sub brands differ in the variety of olives use, hence the taste, and the geographical provenance. C.U.FR.OL. is scrupulous in clearly differentiating the various oils with distinct product names and label designs. C.U.FR.OL. was born as both corporate and product brand in order to maintain a sense of continuity with the old consortium, CUPROL (Umbrian Consortium of Olive Growers), from which the company was born. In early 2013 a rebranding process begun launching the new TERRE FRANCESCANE brand. The brand clearly identifies with our land of origin and conveys the concept of healthy, natural products.