Our Philosophy

Our extra virgin olive oil is born from centuries old olive trees planted by the fathers of our fathers, by the grandfathers of our grandfathers, following a family tradition that dates back as far as 1639.

And if after almost four-hundred years we are still here cosseting each individual olive tree, following this centuries’ old tradition, as if we were unable to do anything else in our lives, can mean only one thing: at the root of it all a passion which is an intrinsic part of our DNA. A passion impossible to eradicate.

Our philosophyThe sways of olive trees which dot our countryside are like a second skin to us. We form one entity in complete unison with our countryside and with our heritage. Our only goal in life is to produce extra virgin olive oil of the finest quality. A mission laden with many sacrifices, however our greatest joy expresses itself, year in and year out, in a unique moment: the day that we see the first drops of the newly harvested olive oil. That brilliant, dense emerald green liquid is our lifeblood. Its herbaceous, pungent aroma with that bitter aftertaste has been the flavour of our life since we were born. Our philosophy is the relentless pursuit of excellence, always with the utmost respect for mother nature. For we depend utterly upon her. What we offer to you in the form of an extraordinary extra virgin olive, is nothing but the fruit of her generosity.

A genuine, healthy, wholesome and delicious produce which is not only a condiment but a precious ally for our health. Rich in anti-oxidants, extra virgin olive oil ought to be used daily in order to contrast the free radicals and hence ageing. Likewise, if used on our skin it helps maintain a youthful appearance. The likes of us, who have been living in the countryside for a lifetime make good, daily use of extra virgin olive oil in order to reap its benefits. But above all, we who have grown up amongst these olive trees, have been brought up on bread and oil as have our children, know the importance of selling to our clients the same product which we use in our own homes.

What you will find in this catalogue and with our company is nothing else but the selection of our best extra virgin olive oils: mono-varietal, organic, P.D.O. and Italian, both with our single estate Gradassi brand and our more recent Terre Francescane brand. We trust you may wish to choose us for our experience, for the respect we have for nature, for our work ethics and for the sheer passion that drives us to produce the finest extra virgin olive oil possible.