C.U.FR.OL. S.R.L.’s policy is that of  bottling oils and condiments using up to date automated processes, however in full respect of traditions and local know-how to ensure the high quality of its products, safeguarding the health and safety of consumers. The main business objective is to satisfy the needs of customers who are aware and appreciate an extra virgin olive oil or dressings with high organoleptic qualities.

C.U.FR.OL. S.R.L.identifies as its target market, the high-end consumer market and intends to focus its activities in niche products characterized by a range of products with high added value, and paying particular attention to market dynamics.

As part of company policy, we recognize the need to identify objectives and guidelines aimed at ensuring the quality of products demanded by the market, so as to satisfy all the needs that are becoming more restrictive over time.

In the current scenario of a highly competitive market, the improvement of the products’ quality involves also, and in a non-marginal way, the quality of service connected to them.

C.U.FR.OL. S.R.L.hence adopts the following general policies:


  •   an extremely high level of service;
  •   continuous improvement of processes, products and the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  •   fulfilment of all legal requirements connected to the products;
  •   operational efficiency;
  •   flexibility in the way of presentation and packaging;
  •   safeguard the health and safety of consumers;
  •   the compatibility of environmental impact;
  •   adequate attention to worker safety and of interested parties.

For all that the Chairman is committed to take an active role in the promotion and guidance of all activities which impact on  quality improvement. The guidelines for achieving the objectives set out are:

  •   maintain a Quality Management System in conformity with the industry’s technical standards as with ISO 9001:2015, B.R.C. and IFS standards as well    as the regulations of the countries where we export (e.g. FDA);
  •   engage the supplier base by promoting and implementing processes and procedures for continuous improvement of the characteristics of the product;
  •   improve the performance of processes and products from a qualitative point of view;
  •   constantly monitor and maintain the degree of compliance of quality standards and the implementation of  appropriate corrective actions;
  •   the promotion and implementation of training programs for staff at all levels of the company to communicate and to understand the Quality Policy and    provide the skills necessary to ensure compliance of the service, as well as the client requirements and the issues of Food Safety, including Frauds and    Counterfeiting. Furthermore he undertakes to disseminate within the Company a Food Quality and Safety Culture;
  •   promote the preventive actions necessary to predict the onset of deviations from standards of service, and system processes;
  •   designate a representative who, within the jurisdiction, irrespective of other responsibilities (whether economic and / or production), has the authority    and responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the Manual of Quality Management System and applicable to each document are implemented     and maintained, in order to guarantee the safety and legality of the products;
  •   develop the following markets: United States of America, Europe and Far East (Japan);
  •   promote and develop the ORGANIC and PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) products and guarantee the absence of GMOs (Genetically Modified     Organisms).

Furthermore, the Company aims to develop an even more proactive involvement of all of the STAFF and hence believes that the implementation of a RISK-BASED THINKING approach is fundamental.

Such an approach has as objective that of planning and carrying out actions in order to tackle RISKS, deriving from both positive and/ or negative effects and to deal with OPPORTUNITIES, that is to say situations that arise as a result of favourable situations deriving from an obtained result, which may arise with the implementation of the Quality Management System and the achievement of corporate goals.

All of this involves a constant ambitious investment program which sees deeply involved the entire company. All staff, starting from the senior management, is responsible for the implementation of the Quality Management System and the achievement of the objectives and targets for quality for each area of competence.

 The Chairman hereby undertakes to review this Policy Statement at least on an annual basis.

Information correct at time of publication.

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