Why Choose Italian?

Why Choose Italian?

Italy with respect to Spain and Greece has many more different varieties of olive cultivars (over 500), hence in Italy you will find a far greater array of flavours and textures in your extra virgin olive oil, catering for all palates.


With respect to Spain, where olive trees are cultivated on an industrial, mechanical scale, Italy respects a more traditional cultivation and uses less pesticides.


Why UMBRIAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


Tuscan oil is often assumed abroad to be the best in Italy, but in neighbouring Umbria it's taken very seriously too. In fact, land-locked Umbria is one of the few regions in Italy to have its entire olive oil production area classified as DOP by the European Union, so a tasting tour of the countryside is not just likely to reveal some delicious varieties, it's guaranteed to. Denominazione di Origine Controllata [Protected Designation of Origin], is the European Union term used to describe foodstuff  which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area using recognised local know how. All products which have been quality certified by the European Union will bear the E.U. D.O.P. Logo and is hence a guarantee not only of a very specific geographic provenance of the olives but also a sign of extraordinarily high quality.

Whilst Umbrian oil makes up only about 2,5 percent of Italy’s olive oil production it wins a far larger proportion of awards.


Source: The New York Times “In Umbria, an Italian Olive Oil Worth the Accolades”, Elaine Sciolino, 6Th October 2014

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