TERRE FRANCESCANE is run on 70% in-house generated Green Energy.

SUSTAINABILITY: “We sail in the waters that history has bestowed upon us”

We of “Middle Earth”, the landlocked Italian region of Umbria, have no sea, however we know how to navigate the waters that history has bestowed upon us.

A past in which the words “sustainability” “resilience” and “territory” did not exist as concepts to be safeguarded, because they were integral part of people and their daily life.

Our families did not have to talk about sustainability, because there was no land exploitation. They did not talk about resilience, because hardship was the order of the day.

They did not speak of Cultural Heritage, because our land was an integral part of our life and respect for nature was a safeguard of life itself and our only means of livelihood.

After almost four hundred years, we still abide by these values, with a deep respect for the land where we were born, for the olive trees that give us sustenance. We never tire of carrying out a job that is first and foremost Passion and Life.

Terre Francescane is glad to announce that the company has completed the first step towards full sustainability and is now run with 70% Green Energy generated by brand new in-house solar power units installed on our main production plant. Further to this, an adiabatic cooling system is to be installed in the near future.

A small drop in the ocean, however we strongly believe that if we all contribute in our own small way, we may just be able to hand over to the new generations a healthier planet.

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